What is Streaming TV ?

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Streaming TV, also known as Web TV, Internet TV and IPTV is a way to get Network TV shows, Movies, YouTube Videos and the growing number of other video sources on to your TV set via a high speed internet connection.  Previously you needed a computer to view internet delivered content. But today Streaming TV players are built into most blu-ray players, and there are several dedicated Streaming Players that are very inexpensive, easy to connect up to your TV and easy to use. ( See a list of some available Streaming Players below.  )  Many new TV sets now are coming with built in Streaming TV Players.

What is the appeal of Streaming TV?  One of the greatest excitements of Streaming TV is that is it truly “on-demand TV”.  No longer are you tied to your TV or  DVR or subject to the networks schedule. You can watch and re-watch your favorite shows at your convenience and on an internet device of your choosing (smart phone, iPad/Tablet, Computer, TV)  Did you grow up with a favorite TV show or movie that is perhaps 20 years + or older?  You just may find it available via Streaming TV.   Another draw of Streaming TV is cost?  Many people are cutting the “Cable TV” cord saving big $ each month giving up very little. Now if you are a sports nut and spend your TV hours watching live sports then you will need to keep your cable or satellite TV. But more and more sports networks are experimenting with broadcasting over Streaming TV. It’s just a matter of time. 

Streaming TV is not free TV.  You will need a Streaming Player and there are many free content sites/providers like YouTube and many of the networks have Streaming TV sites. There are premium providers such as Hulu and Netflix and a host of others.  Each with its own advantages and disadvantages but offer streaming TV at less than $10 per month. A lot less than basic cable TV cost.

Again the only disadvantages to Streaming TV is for Local live news broadcast,  live sports broadcast and other live or near live broadcast controlled by the networks. It’s just a matter of time before the preferred way of getting your TV is via Streaming TV and not through your Cable TV or Satellite TV provider.

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Here are some inexpensive and easy to use Streaming Players


 D-Link Player

 Boxee Player

 Sony Player

 RCA Streaming Player

 Netgear Streaming Player

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